Photo of Crash & Mars

Weekday Afternoons From 3pm-6pm


Judging by his photo one would think that Crash was a model for GQ magazine, when in reality he's a computer and technical nerd!! (And he doesn't look all that bad in a tight sweater!) Crash enjoys trucks, snowmobiles, and cheap beer. He's not too fond of broken down trucks, broken down snowmobiles and expensive beer. Oh and I did I mention, Crash loves being a part of fun, entertaining and killer radio show...


Mars loves to talk, and has built her life around doing so. Starting on the theatre stage as a child, to extra work in the Vancouver film industry (she was one of the best), and then onto radio from one coast to the other. Mars lives to entertain, whether on the air, through creative writing or using the new pole she had installed in her living room (it's supposed to keep you looking great and it helps with her fire fighting training). She also looks great in a tight sweater. Mars enjoys short walks on the beach, skiing, boxed wine and kitties. She is not a big fan of when two different types of food touch, haunted apartments and dirt bags. Oh and did I mention, Mars loves being a part of fun, entertaining and killer radio show!