Z99 Cares Radiothon

On Thursday, March 14th & 15th 2013, CC, Lorie & Buzz will broadcast live from the Cornwall Centre for 36 hours to help save babies’ lives and raise funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the newly opened Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care at the Regina General Hospital.

The NICU houses on average 21 fragile newborns and sick babies daily and is lacking in equipment crucial to their well being. Our Goal is to raise funds to purchase these essential pieces of equipment needed in the treatment of our most precious Saskatchewan resource.

We need your help! Start planning your fundraisers now! Or Donate NOW at the Hospitals of Regina Home Page.


After experiencing two normal pregnancies with their daughter Kassidy, age 10, followed by their son Kaleb, age 5, Kristal Smith and her husband Terrance Greyeyes thought her third pregnancy would be the same. And it was, until her 19th week.

For the next six weeks Kristal went through a series of doctor appointments and hospital visits, trying to manage her complications and to find out what was wrong. While she wasn’t experiencing any pain, Kristal was worried and “knew something wasn’t right.” It was a very stressful time; luckily she had
strong family support.

It was during her 26th week that Kristal started feeling cramps and back pain. She knew her baby was coming. Kristal was admitted to the hospital and prepped for a c-section. However, her contractions stopped and the c-section was cancelled. Instead she was ordered on best rest in the hospital for the next three months.

A day into her mandated bed rest the complications resumed. Kristal recalls “pools of blood” and a total sense of panic. Everything happened very quickly after that. When examined by the doctor, Kristal remembers he turned white when he realized he could feel the baby’s head. Withinminutes, the baby was born. Kristal remembers, “The doctor wrapped him up and literally ran to the NICU and everyone –
me, my husband, my mom – were in tears. We didn’t even know if he was alive.”

Kristal and Terrance’s little boy Kole was born on April 28, 2012 weighting 2 lbs 4 oz. His due date wasn’t until August 1. They were soon told Kole was breathing and getting settled in
the NICU. Three hours later they were able to see him. While they were worried about what to expect, Kristal says, “The NICU nurse hugged me and took us to see him. She explained
everything and what all of the equipment was doing. That eased our anxiety a lot.”

Kole spent over two months in the NICU. While he was small, he had the benefit of being twice the weight he should have been at that age. His lungs were immature so he needed to be intubated. Kristal says, “From day one he was a fighter – he didn’t want anything to do with the tubes and equipment. On Mother’s Day he decided he had had enough and he coughed up the tubes himself. After that he just received oxygen through his nose.”

Other issues included a heart murmur, which corrected itself,and he needed four blood transfusions for his anemia. After the first two weeks, they were finally able to hold him. After three weeks, Kole didn’t have any serious health issues; he just needed to gain weight.

After 80 days, Kole went home. He weighed 5 lbs 4 oz. “It was such a stressful and traumatic experience,”
Kristal says, “but things could have been so much worse.”Kristal raves about the care in the NICU – not just for Kole, but for her entire family. “They took such great care of us, explaining everything that was happening and offering comfort. When I went home, I was in tears and the nurses were in tears.
As much as I wanted to take my baby home, I felt like I was saying goodbye to my friends. I didn’t expect that. I still stay in touch with some of them. Without the NICU staff I’m not
sure what we would have done. While Kole receives monthly check-ups, today he is a happy, healthy boy.


This year the Z99 Raditohon will be working towards increasing capacity in the NICU by purchasing Giraffe Warmers and Isolettes along with multiple total body cooling units and Neoblue Bill Lights. By purchasing these critical peices of equipment the NICU will be able to house additional newborns and decrase the possibility of a new mom going out of Province to deliver.


Make a donation for one of the following amounts and be entered to win

  • $50 to $100
    Coke Sky Box for Jeff Dunham
    Autographed Marianas Trench Guitar
  • $101 to $200
    His & Her Bulova Watche courtesy of Royalty Gold Smiths
    18K Rose Gold Pendant courtesy of Berks Regina
  • $201 +
    3 Zip Leather Office Chairs courtesy of Avanti Office Products
    Pair of Front Row with Meet & Greet to OPRAH April 14th
    Donations of $50 or more made on-line will be entered to win an Aloha Hot Tubs back yard party which includes a weekend hot tube rental and pizza.


  1. Pajama Day - Have your employees/students/team pay to wear their pajamas for a day!
  2. Fake election - Make dollars count as votes. Whoever can fundraise the most money, gets to be Mayor for a day. You determine what rights the Mayor for A Day has!
  3. Blind Auction - Have boxes with different items in them in which people can bid on. The boxes could have anything from a brick, to money, to a day off slip, to a CD. People don’t get to know what it is, they have to bid on each box in hopes that they get what they want!
  4. Angel tree - Purchase an angel for someone special. Create a tree on a wall and place the angels on the tree
  5. Slave for a Day - Have Senior positions (class mates) auctioned off to Junior positions. The Junior who purchases their Senior will make them their slave for a day! This could include carrying their books to class, getting them coffee, or warming up their car on a cold day!
  6. Bake Sale - Have people donate food items to the bake sale. Sell the items for a set price.
  7. Valentines Day-O-Grams - Purchase a Valentines Day-O-Gram for someone special. The people in charge of the Valentines Day-O-Gram will deliver them to the special person.
  8. Balloon Bust - Blow-up balloons and put different slips for prizes in them. People pay $5 to ‘pop’ the balloon to see what they won. Some of the balloons have “please try again” and others have money vouchers. Use portion of the money raised to pay people who win money.
  9. 50/50 - Everyone loves a good old fashion 50/50.
  10. Dress Down Day - Have staff pay to wear their most comfortable cloths to work/school.
  11. Stickers for Support - If someone donates to the Z99 Radiothon, they receive a sticker, with the Z99 Radiothon logo on it, to wear and show that they donated.
  12. Paper Baby Pins - Make up pins that people can purchase and put their names on. Display them on a Z99 Radiothon wall.
  13. Charity Receipt Draw - Enter people’s name, who donated to the Z99 Radiothon, in a draw. Draw a name and that person gets the tax receipt for the whole amount!
  14. Casual dress day - Hold a casual dress day (or week) and charge all participants.
  15. Car wash – Hold a car wash in the parking lot of your business.
  16. Craft sale - Have some of the crafty employees contribute.
  17. Wheel of prizes - Create a wheel, mark each section with a prize, and charge per spin.
  18. Pancake breakfast - Organize a pancake breakfast & ask for a donation for entry.
  19. Sing-o-grams - Send a song to someone for a donation.
  20. Parking Lot Sale - Have employees/students contribute to an office yard sale.
  21. Talent show - Hold a talent show and charge an “entry fee”.
  22. Bachelor/Bachelorette auction - Auction off your offices “singles” or auction off a “hired hand for a day”.
  23. Bottle Drive - Collect bottles to take to your local recycling depot.


Cornwall Centre

BLANKETS FOR BABIES: Starting November 23, purchase your Limited Edition Cornwall Centre Blanket with a minimum donation of $5. All proceeds go to the Z99 Radiothon.

For full details on the Cornwall Centre Christmas Campaing for Babies click here

Radiology Associates of Regina and the Knotted Thistle Pub

Join us at the Knotted Thistle Pub and help make a difference in the lives of wee ones.
Radiology Associates of Regina and the Knotted Thistle Pub are teaming up in support of the Z99 Radiothon for the Regina Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Knotted Thistle will be donating the profits from March 14th to this fantastic cause and Radiology Associates of Regina will be matching this amount dollar for dollar. Cash donations graciously accepted.

Great food & drink specials all day!

Zumbathon for Radiothon

Friday March 15th @ Dr. AE Perry Elementary School.
Doors open @ 6:30 – on from 7-8pm
$10.00 in advance or $12 at the door

Contact info
Email: krzs4429@gmail.com
Call or Text – 306-570-5637

100% of the proceeds go to Radiothon!

Coffee for Babies

OrGano Gold Healthier Coffee Products distributed through Gano For Coffee's independent authorized representatives Mike and Jerrilynn Rebeyka are donating 100% of the proceeds from all coffee, tea and hot chocolate sales.

To make a purchase call 533-8806 or visit ganoforcoffee.com

Regina Sobeys' Stores

Vistit your locat Regina Sobey's location from February 4th to March 13th and purchase a marked Radiothon item to donate, you can also make a donation at the till when you purchase your groceries.

Participating stores include: Rochdale, Quance, Albert St South and Hillsdale St

Mercury Service Moose Jay

$100 from every boat sold goes to the Z99 Radiothon
March 20th through 24th - Indoors at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Centre, Exhibition Park in Moose Jaw


Fear Factory Haunted House Cogent Business Consulting Dr. Hannah School
Speers Funeral and Cremation Services Conexus Credit Union Dumur Industries
Robins Donuts Dutch Growers Economy the Maytag Store
Farm Credit Canada Fear Factory Haunted House Ehrlo Early Learning Centre
Henry Jenzen School Minards Leisure World F.W. Johnson Collegiate
Northgate Mall Southland Mall Karina Developments
Pure Clothing St. Mary's Investors Group
Regina Parents of Multiples Yara Belle Plaine Leader Post
SaskTel Ambassador Coffee Service LIT
Sunlife Financial Avanti Office Products Marvel Beauty School
Walmart Prince of Whales Bath Goddess McDougal Gauley
Welcome Wagon Canadian Western Bank RCMP "F" Division
Southland Mall Capital GM Ruth Pawson
Victoria Club Capital Ford Saulteaux Junction
Mercury Service Coke A Cola Refreshments Second Cup Cornwall Centre
Chapter 23 Inc. Direct West Employees SGI
Clifton Associates Drew's Independant Grocer The Last Straw Brew Pub
Regina Baby Expo Stewart Olson Dominion Construction - Social Commitee Great Canadian Oil Change - Quance St